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Lakeway Backflow Prevention

Many homeowners don’t know what backflow is or that they should take steps to prevent it. So, what is backflow, and what makes it dangerous?

Backflow is the reversal of water flow in a plumbing system. It can occur when a system’s water pressure changes and causes contaminated or non-potable water to flow back into the freshwater supply. Backflow can be a serious health and safety risk, as it can introduce contaminants such as metals, chemicals, and sewage into a home’s drinking water. It can also damage the pipes and fixtures in the plumbing system, leading to costly repairs. Regular backflow testing and prevention are essential to avoid contamination and protect people and property.

What can you do to protect yourself from backflow? The best way to protect your water supply and family from the harmful effects of backflow is to install a backwater valve or backflow prevention device on your sewer line.

A backwater valve opens to allow water to flow away from the home, but closes when it senses the flow reverse to stop contaminated water from coming back into your house.

Depending on the type of valve, there may be an electric or mechanical control to activate the valve when needed. Backflow prevention valves are designed to protect against contamination and maintain healthy water pressure, so installing them in any plumbing system is important.

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