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Your Trusted Bathtub Repair Company

Bathtubs are more than just getting clean; they’re where people relax after a stressful day. Because the bathtub is heavily used, it can wear out.

Here are the top signs that you might need bathtub repair or replacement:

  • Cracks & Chips- If your bathtub is cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged, it may be time for a replacement. Chips and cracks lead to water leaks and are a breeding ground for mold and mildew.
  • Size- Because many people rely on bathing for relaxation, the tub must be comfortable. If your tub is cramped and uncomfortable, replacing it with one that gives you more space will give you a better experience.
  • It’s Stained- If you have hard water, your bathtub may get stained. Depending on how badly discolored the tub is, replacing it may be more cost-effective than repairing it.
  • Leaks- Replacement is typically the best option if you are experiencing leaks from your bathtub. Water leaks will damage your floor and cause mold and mildew growth.
  • Bathroom Remodeling- Most people use the bathroom more than any other room in the house, and data shows that a nice bathroom is a significant factor for homebuyers.

Bathroom remodeling is an excellent way to give you more space and increase your home’s value.

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