3 Ways to Help Prevent Plumbing Disasters This Summer

Avoid Plumbing Problems This Summer

When people make plans for the summer, they may include plans to vacation, host parties, and other fun activities. Scheduling plumbing repairs isn’t on the list. However, as the summer months approach, it’s essential to consider the plumbing system, look out for issues, and take steps to prevent plumbing problems. This post will share three tips to prevent unfortunate plumbing disasters this summer.

Watch for Leaks

leakA water leak can spike the water bills and quickly cause water damage to a home. To limit the damage and avoid expensive repairs, watching for signs of a leak and acting quickly is essential. 

Some symptoms that can indicate there are plumbing leaks at home include:

  • Water Stains or Discoloration: Check for water stains or discoloration on walls, ceilings, floors, or near plumbing fixtures, pipes, or appliances. These stains may appear yellowish, brownish, or have a ring-like pattern.
  • Damp or Musty Odors: Pay attention to persistent musty or damp odors, even after cleaning or airing out a home. This can indicate mold or mildew from a hidden plumbing leak. 
  • Increase in Water Bills: Watch for increases in the water bill. If it keeps increasing without a change in water usage, it can indicate a leak. 
  • Running Water: Listen for the sounds of running water when no fixtures or appliances are being used. This can also be a symptom of a hidden leak. 
  • Low Water Pressure: Check the water pressure throughout the house to see if it’s lower in faucets, showerheads, and other fixtures. If so, there may be a leak or other issue in the water line.
  • Running Water Meter: Turn off all the water-using fixtures and watch the water meter. If it keeps running when no water is used, or the leak indicator shows there is a leak, then there is a leak that’s still using water. 
  • Puddles or Pooling Water: Look for standing water, puddles, or pooling water in areas where it shouldn’t be, such as under sinks, around toilets, near appliances, or even in the yard. 

Paying attention to these symptoms is essential so homeowners can schedule professional repairs as soon as possible. Catching these leaks early can prevent higher water bills, as they won’t be wasting water due to the leak, and can prevent significant water damage from occurring. 

No Grease or Cooking Oil Down a Drain

greaseAn easy way for homeowners to prevent plumbing problems this summer is to avoid pouring grease or cooking oil down the drain. Avoiding this while cooking – or when disposing of grease while grilling – can save a lot of time and money, not to mention headaches. Pouring grease and cooking oil down the drain can lead to many issues, including blockages in drains and clogged sewer lines. Grease can coat the pipes, restricting water flow and catching additional debris, forming tough clogs. 

It’s essential to dispose of grease properly to avoid clogs and the problems clogs can cause, such as leaks, backups, slow draining, and burst pipes. People should let it solidify in a designated container and then dispose of it in the garbage when completely cooled. 

Maintenance and Drain Cleaning

Another important way to prevent plumbing issues is to have a plumber perform regular plumbing maintenance and drain cleaning services. These services can have many advantages for the home. For one, it can prevent clogs and blockages from forming. Debris, like hair, soap scum, and food scraps, can accumulate inside a home’s drains and pipes over time, leading to clogs. Performing regular drain cleaning services can remove this buildup and prevent clogs from forming. It will also eliminate any foul odors coming from the drains. 

Maintaining the plumbing system is an integral part of home care. Regular inspections and preventive maintenance can detect potential issues and prevent costly repairs down the road. These maintenance services can also improve the lifespan of a home’s plumbing and can prevent plumbing emergencies from occurring. 

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