Signs It May Be TIme to Schedule Repiping Services

Symptoms That Indicate You May Need Repiping

When a homeowner considers whether or not they need their home repiped, there are several factors they need to consider.

Have they experienced frequent leaks in their home?

Is their water pressure lower than usual?

Is their water discolored?

Are their pipes made of outdated materials?

Are they constantly scheduling plumbing repairs? 

If property owners answer yes to these questions, it can be time to have a plumber inspect their pipes and determine if repiping the house is necessary. Learn more about common signs that it may be time to consider repiping, including frequent leaks and repairs, low water pressure, and discolored water.

Frequent Leaks and Pipe Repairs

When deciding if home repiping is necessary, plumbers often ask homeowners how often they experience leaks. Plumbers may recommend repiping if there have been frequent leaks or multiple leaks throughout the home. Multiple leaks in a plumbing system can indicate a larger issue than just one random leak or faulty pipe. It can signal the pipes are deteriorating and whole house repiping is needed.

If there have been frequent leaks or repairs, it can demonstrate a significant problem with the piping, such as old age or corrosion, so it may be more cost-effective to replace the piping completely with repiping services rather than continue to pay for ongoing repairs. The frequent leaks and repairs will stop when the old and decaying pipes are replaced with strong new ones. 

Poor Water Pressure

showerWhen a home’s water pressure is lower than it should be, it can signal a problem with the plumbing. Various issues can cause this, and plumbers will need to complete an inspection to figure it out. Some issues they will check for include the following:

  • Corrosion and age of pipes: Plumbers will look at the pipes to see if the low water pressure is caused by the corrosion and decay of the pipe, which can cause a buildup that causes low water pressure. If this is the cause of the water pressure issues, it can indicate the piping needs to be replaced.
  • Leaks in the pipes: Plumbers will also look for leaking pipes, which can cause low water pressure. If there is a leak causing reduced water pressure, it can be repaired, but if the leak is caused by pipes that are too old or corroded, repiping will be needed. 
  • Clogs in the pipes: Reduced water pressure can also be caused by blockages in the pipes. If there is a clog, a plumber will determine if it can be removed or if the pipes need to be replaced. 

The Color or Smell of the Water Has Changed

sinkIf a homeowner starts to see their water has a cloudy, orange, or brown tint or if there is an odd odor coming from it, it can indicate a problem in the pipes. Discolored water can be a sign that there is pipe corrosion and rust getting into the water. Smelly water can also indicate there are contaminants or bacteria in the water. 

If these issues occur, homeowners should call a plumber immediately to determine the cause of the discoloration and smell. Depending on the cause, plumbers may recommend repiping services to replace the decaying pipes with new ones that will restore the home’s usual look and smell of water. 

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