plumbing essentials homeowners need to know

Plumbing 101 Essentials Homeowners Need to Know

Plumbing Basics Households Should Know

If homeowners don’t know some basic information about their plumbing systems, then they can put themselves and their properties at risk. To avoid these issues, they need to learn essential plumbing tips to understand what signs to watch for that can signal plumbing issues, where they can save money, and why scheduling routine maintenance is necessary. In honor of the back-to-school season, keep reading to learn these plumbing basics. 

Plumbing Fixtures Can Help Save on Water Bills

tubThere are many components to a plumbing system, but the parts household members interact with the most are typically the plumbing fixtures. Family members use faucets, shower heads, bathtubs, sinks, and water heaters daily. However, homeowners should know that replacing old fixtures with water-efficient ones can help them save significantly on water costs. 

Some examples of water-saving fixtures that can help conserve water and save on water bills are:

  • Dual-flush toilets: These water-saving toilets can reduce water bills because they use less water when flushed and have two flushing options, one that uses less than the other.
  • Low-flow showerheads: These water-saving showerheads provide adequate water pressure while using less water. 
  • Water-saving faucets: These water-efficient faucets typically use aerators, which use air to reduce water use from the tap while keeping good water pressure.

Signs of Plumbing Issues

billSome of the most crucial information for homeowners to know about their plumbing system is how to identify the signs of an issue. The faster a plumbing problem is spotted, the quicker it can be repaired, and the less damage can occur. When any strange occurrences happen with the plumbing, a plumber should be called immediately to determine the cause and fix it. 

Some common signs of plumbing problems that homeowners should watch for are:

  • Low water pressure: This can indicate several plumbing problems like faulty plumbing fixtures, clogs, and leaks. 
  • Odd sounds: Strange or unusual noises coming from the piping or plumbing fixtures need to be inspected so plumbers can determine the cause. It may indicate issues like the water heater needs service, a leak, or a water hammer.
  • Strange smells: Foul odors from drains or pipes can indicate clogs, leaks, or other problems with the sewer line.
  • Slow drains: If there are slow-draining sinks, bathtubs, or showers in a house, it can indicate a blockage. 
  • High water bills: Unusually high water costs without explanation likely indicates a leak somewhere in the plumbing system. 

The Importance of Plumbing Maintenance

Homeowners need to schedule regular plumbing maintenance to keep their systems working correctly and spot any issues early so they can be repaired or replaced quickly. Maintaining the plumbing helps it last longer, prevents problems, and can help save money. 

Some of the tasks plumbers may do during these maintenance services are:

  • Examine the pipes for issues like leaks or corrosion
  • Search the house for signs of water damage
  • Look for signs of mold or mildew throughout the property, indicating a long-term leak
  • Inspect the faucets, shower heads, bathtubs, and sinks for malfunctioning parts
  • Perform drain cleaning services to remove blockages or clogs
  • Maintain the water heater to ensure it’s operating correctly, including flushing the tank to improve efficiency and checking the anode rod to see if it needs replacing.

Scheduling routine maintenance on a plumbing system can allow plumbers to proactively repair issues they notice during an inspection and help prevent emergency repairs later. 

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